Another Coin-Guessing Game

I swear, this is starting to turn into some sort of unofficial sport with us. Mike ended up bringing in a big water cooler jug of change.

As a frame of reference, let me refer you to:

1) The first ever coin-guessing game.
2) Matt’s Bag-O-Money Challenge
3) Justin’s Quarterless Bag of Money

Chris, using some intricate scientific method to determine the overall value of the coins.

Here are some important tidbits to know. Mike started dumping change in this guy on September 13th, 2000. About two years ago, he manually counted all the coins and came up with $220. This was two years ago. He hasn’t counted since.

Aaaaaaand, our guesses. I’m way high, but ever since that first game I’ve been wary of guessing too low.

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