Top of the Mart to ya

So this morning, a few of us showed up early to work and managed to get onto the roof of the Merchandise Mart. To give you some perspective as to how high we are, check out this entry.

Chris, next to what I think is some big satellite relay. That, or it’s the biggest popcorn machine I’ve ever seen in my life.

View from the SW corner of the building.

I should mention again, for those who might not know: I’m afraid of heights. I kept trying to get over to the ledge to take photos, but could only last there for maybe 5 seconds before I had to back away.

Ian (aka arigato) best described the fear of heights as someone’s invisible hand cupping your neck, slowly pulling you towards the edge. That’s exactly what it feels like.

Where I was going around trying to take as many pictures as I could (we couldn’t stay up here very long), Ben brought his sketchbook with him and tried to get an image down on the page.

Swing by Ben’s blog, and take a peek at what he did.

Chris, hanging along the western wall.

Guess we weren’t the only ones who’ve come up here to have a bit of fun.

Back of the building, looking North.

I caught the sun behind this large smokestack, and liked the look of it.

I never knew this – there’s some sort of atrium in the middle of the building. I guess it’s somewhere along the 7th or 8th floor. And back in the old days, it was an open air area where folks would take their lunch “outside,” without leaving the building.

Justin and Chris, looking out over the southernmost wall.

It must be the reflection of the windows. I just love taking pictures of these guys working the side of the building.

Chris, peering down at all the lowly peons who are forced to walk around on the ground, like a bunch of jerks.

View of the Chicago River. I’m freaking out pretty badly here, as this is about as far as I could lean over. Against all logic, my fear was that the solid concrete I was leaning against was on the verge of crumbling due to time and erosion.

Got Ben to pose for this shot, as we were leaving the roof. Lucked out, actually, and I’m quite fond of this one.

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