Since yesterday evening, I’ve felt pretty crappy. I’ve had this itch in the back of my throat, and it’s been back there all day today. Each time I cough, there’s a sharpness in the back of my mouth, and I can feel how hot the cough is. Yuck.

It’s weird to feel sick in the summertime. Just something not right about it.

It’s been a very event-filled week so far. Tons of fun stuff, but it also feels fairly nonstop. Hopefully next week sometime, I can try to take back a day or so, for the extra hours I’ve worked. Right now, I think I’m slowly maxing out my public being-around-other-people quota, as I’m thinking an awful lot about just holing up in the apartment for some alone time.

Not doing much tonight. Maybe watch a movie. Recently started The Devil’s Teeth and may give that a go for a while tonight. More than anything, I’m going to see if I can’t get to bed a bit earlier. This throat thing sucks, and I noticed myself coughing a fair amount at work. I’m not full-on sick, but just sick enough that I feel at about 85% of my normal self.

Book. Movie. Pillow.

See you tomorrow.

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