Matt brought in yet another bag of quarters today. What is it – two guessing games so far this month? I think we’re starting to hit some kind of trend.

Here’s Mike, making his calculations.

For quick reference, here are the links to prior coin-guessing games:

1) The first ever coin-guessing game.
2) Matt’s Bag-O-Money Challenge
3) Justin’s Quarterless Bag of Money
4) Mike’s Water Cooler Jug

I’m unclear what evolutionary advantage this guessing stuff affords us. Over time, should we hone our coin-guessing skills… what then? In what unlikely scenario are we to benefit from our ability to accurate estimate a surfeit of coins at a glance?

Much like the entries on this blog, I no longer have a strong reason or understand why. I just pick up my camera and record.

Justin, employing his scientific “punch estimate” technique.

And, the overall guesses from each person. Some things to note, before you make your own guesses: this bag of money contains only quarters, as they came from the washing machines in Matt’s building. And no, he didn’t break into the machine – he’s the landlord.

Also, last time he brought in coins from the machines… the total was $87. For what it’s worth.

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