Playing Poker

Me, Will and Donna (who I just met tonight) were over at Chris and Leslie’s place this evening, for some pizza and poker. Talk of Star Trek, as well as the difference between anteaters and aardvarks dotted the night’s conversation.

It’s been a long while since I’ve won a game of poker, and I’m happy to report that tonight I emerged the winner. Although, at the end there, Will was staging an impressive comeback where we were darn close to being even at one point. Tonight, Big Slick was my friend on more than one occasion. But as Will and I were slugging it out, we both were moving in with very similar hands (for a while there, he was always beating me just slightly Ace Queen to my Ace Ten, Ace Five to my Ace Four). Some exciting hands towards the end there. The final hand, Will raised a few hundred out of the gate. I called, and we checked back and forth until the Turn, where I got a Straight. I checked, and when Will moved all in after the River, I called and ended the game.

Exciting stuff, and I won $20 to boot!

The only way it could have been better was if this had been a Stein Game™.

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