Updates Soon

I know I’m backlogged on images from the past few days. But since Sunday, I’ve been out and about. Went out last night, played poker tonight, and I’ll be out again tomorrow night. When my social schedule picks up (which, apparently is what’s happening now), it gets easier for blog updates to fall into the background.

Gaah. I’ve got so many updates still, this week’s notwithstanding. I need to get my Portland pics up. Last night at the Artful Dodger. Steph’s birthday party. And now the canoe trip.

Soon, soon. As past experience has shown, I think I can only keep up this constant social thing for a set amount of days. I can already feel the itch to hole up in my apartment after work, and just do the hermit thing. It’s not totally overwhelming just yet, but it’s started. It’s back there, faintly, humming away.

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