Literally on the way to work

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  1. forgive me for sounding stupid, but we’re moving to chicago, I’m looking for a tiny studio apt. which sits right next to the el tracks. I love the el, I want my apt. to vibrate everytime the el goes by. I want to pause my t.v. every time the el goes by. If anyone knows of an apt. that sits literally practically on the el tracks I will be forever grateful.thanks

    Isabel Reply

  2. Hi Isabel – Sorry, but I don’t have any direct leads on an apartment near the El. There are a lot of different lines, and a lot of neighborhoods to choose from.At best, all I can really do is offer you a few links that might help in your search. Consider checking out the Chicago Reader Classifieds (where a lot of apartment listings are made), and also Craigslist Chicago.As a final tip, I once heard of a Craigslist strategy where you post the type of apartment you’re looking for, and let others (realtors, apartment companies, etc) contact you regarding what they have that fits your list. A little unorthodox, but maybe an approach that might help you out if one of your main criteria is simply living near the El.Best of luck!

    avoision Reply

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