Renegade Craft Fair

Entrance, Wicker Park.

Near the front of the fair, there were a lot more booths offering up veggies and fresh fruit.

The Bird Machine

The entire area was pretty darn muddy. This, actually, is a fairly nice patch of walkway. An hour after this photo was taken, we were hit with a few strong showers, and walking from booth to booth turned into this stepping-stone game, with mud everywhere.

Kent and Christine’s booth.

Every time I stopped in to chat with them, there seemed to be a decent number of folks looking over their wares.

Christine, writing up an order.

Last year, I believe Christine did very well. According to the two of them, invariably one of them does better than the other, depending on the venue. Renegade is, I believe, more Christine’s fair.

Kent’s bracelets.


A few booths across the way, I spotted Ileana and Charles.

Swing on by india*romeo to check out more of Ileana’s work!

I was taken by several cards by sidepony. After buying some cards, I eventually went back and grabbed a cool “Chicago” outfit for my niece, Jasmine.

Got drawn by the t-shirts at Gurelea. What caught my eye at first were the Boba Fett shirts… but of course, those were all sold out in regular sizes. So I ended up getting a storm trooper one instead.

This is Mike, from Crazy Coconut. I had fun talking with him about his shirts, and learned he was a Chicagoan now living in Portland. What’s neat about their shirts is that they’re all based on photographs, and several are themed around cities (Seattle, Chicago, etc).

Check it out yourself:

A little baby tee caught my eye at nikku. I walked around the entire fair several times, and finally decided that I wanted to buy this one for my niece as well.

The shirt I ended up buying is the one in the middle (the text underneath says “peep”).

More designs at

Again, this was one booth that I circled a lot, and eventually visited before leaving the fair. Glamscience had some nice stuff, but I was mostly drawn to the baby tees (I was thinking a lot about my niece, it seems).

The shirt I was most taken by was pretty minimal: a simple flower (with a bit of glitter), and the word “bloom” underneath.

All in all, a fun few hours spent at Renegade. I kept hearing that Liz and Steph were around, and though I kept looking for them… I somehow managed to miss seeing them this afternoon.

I’m happy I found a few shirts for myself (and even happier that I found some great stuff for Jasmine). A really enjoyable afternoon, thunderstorms and all.

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