The Bet, Ammended

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Subj: A Lunchtime Treat

As some of you may know, Chris Stiles – Emmis Interactive Designer – hails from the Northeast and is a Boston Red Sox fan. Considering his allegiance to the BoSawx and mine to the White Sox, the two of us placed a friendly wager on the American LeagueDivision Series. The bet didn’t involve anything extraordinary, though in the case of a sweep the resulting consequence for the loser was quite unappealing. Among other things it involved eating lots of beans, and beans only, for a long period of time.

Unless you’re living under a rock you know that Chris’ worst fear was realized.

Since the sweep, it has pained me to think of what Chris, my co-worker and friend, would have to endure in the coming days. With that in mind, I gave him an alternate option to settle our bet – one that would do some good for the White Sox community (rather than ensure him a visit to the ER) and hopefully, in a small way, help propel the Sox to a World Series title.

So if you’re free tomorrow (Friday) at 12:30p, you’re invited to come watch Chris pay his debt during a lunchtime performance at the Picasso in Daley Plaza. Dressed in White Sox gear including a jacket and headband, he will belt out “Let’s – Go – White – Sox” accompanied by the appropriate hand clapping, for a full minute. When the minute is up he will end his cheering with a verse of “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye.”

If you can’t make it, no worries, the event will be digitally recorded and available online at a future date.

Thanks for your support.



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