Weird Sleeping Habits

This week, I’ve changed up my sleeping pattern. I’ve relocated out to the futon in the living room, and have been sleeping out here all week. The weird thing though? No alarm clock.

Instead of relying on my alarm, I’ve allowed the sun to wake me up. And so far, I’ve been fairly lucky – up in time and I arrive at work at the same time I normally do. This waking up gradually feels quite good, and I think it’s the reason why I like to sometimes camp out in the living room.

I occasionally go through phases like this – where I’ll be on the couch, and have the TV set to automatically shut off after an hour or two. In an odd way, it’s comparable to what I used to do in high school, when I would fall asleep listening to music. Back then, it seemed like I actually needed something playing in the background, in order for me to fall asleep.

Writing this all out now, it feels kind of weird. Does anyone else do this? I swear… this waking up gradually to the sun somehow just feels better.

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