Starbucks Promotion

So this morning, I hear rumors of multiple Santa Clauses (Santii, if you will), roaming around the place. I don’t pay much mind to it, and head up to work.

Once upstairs, I find that several coworkers have wandered off to go check out the “holiday display” that’s revolving around said Kris Kringles. After a while, Chris, Jane, Bryan and Kashif arrive laughing and carrying some Polaroids.

Turns out, Starbucks hired something like 6 Santas and set them up with horse-drawn carriages (and antlers, to make the horses look like reindeer). In front of the Mart, they set up an area filled with snow, created a snowman, and were taking pictures of anyone who cared to pose. And, of course, the whole time they were giving out samples of their holiday blend of coffee.

As the day wore on, we noticed that the promotion began to wind down. By noonish, most of the display had been broken down, leaving only a swath of snow and one solitary snow man.

From our window (we could look right down onto the area where the promotion was happening), everything was ending. We saw folks pack things into trucks, and watched as the trucks pulled away – leaving only a few traffic cones to block off the snowy area.

This whole time, we’re joking around about how funny it would be if someone ran down there, and did something outrageous like clothesline the snowman. No drama, no setup – just an all-out sprint towards the guy and aim for the head.

Of course, Chris contemplates being the one to step up to the challenge. He runs through the scenario several times, weighing out the pro’s and con’s of such a thing. And eventually, with much peer pressure from the rest of us, he decides that this… this snowman sitting there right outside our office area… this is just too good to pass up.

And so, I give you yet another fun video. Big props to Ben, who went down with Chris to film street-level. And more than that, he’s the one who came up with the ingenious dual-display, superimposing my camera footage on top of his.

I hope you enjoy this one. It’s been cracking me up all day.

After lunch, we noticed that there was still a big patch of snow near the promotion area. In fact, despite this guy’s attempt to wash it all away… when I left work later on (circa 9PM), there was still snow on the ground.

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