Got back to Chicago earlier this afternoon.

Tonight, I tried to write some (read: I looked over some old poems). Got distracted by the blog, specifically – older blog entries.

I ended up sifting through the past few months of my life. And god damn, this site is pretty darn impressive, if I do say so myself. Lots of pictures, lots of documentation. I update this thing daily, but the whole breadth and scope of it all is lost on me. Until I look back on things.

Scanning over the past few months, I’ve had a lot to be happy about, a lot to be sad about. Through this blog I was able to look back over celebrations, as well as the deaths of friends. The more I think about it, this site is an ongoing time capsule. I’m the one doing all the recording, all the commentary.

Even now, it still catches me off guard sometimes.

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