Thanks, everybody!

I got a lot of responses from folks, about the whole drum quotation thing. I’m still not 100% how I’m going to incorporate a quotation, but I still *think* I want to utilize one.

It’s weird to try writing again, but I’m happy I’m trying. This poem in particular is an odd one, mostly because it seems to call for loud music, for lots of… well, drums. And what’s odd about this is that for the most part, I tend to write late at night. Scotch, a dark room, and slow music in the background. In case you haven’t noticed from the audioplayer choices, I’m a slow music sort of guy.

But this one? This particular poem? It’s almost an insult to be playing something soft and slow in the background. I don’t expect this to be a super hyper poem, but in order to get the words where they should be… I have the sense that the music I should be playing needs to be louder.

Here’s a sampling of what folks sent in:

“The essence of Bonham is what he didn’t play rather than what he did play – what he left out.” –Robert Plant

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