Dear Anthony – Challenge Accepted!

I’ve shown your email to everyone else here at the office, and we’ve pooled a bit of money together. Since you seem so confidentabout your own gastric prowess, perhaps you’d like to put your mouth where our money is?

So far, we’ve got $70 with your name on it, if you can eat one of every item in the Q101 vending machine in one work day (9 AM -5 PM). And on top of that, we’ll even go so far as to buy all the vending machine items (roughly $25).

But you’ll have to come here to the office, sit down at our conference table, and let us document the process. $70 is yours,my friend, if you can do it. However, if you can’t down it all – you have to pay for all the snacks.

A full work day. Eight hours. That’s a long time…

I say, without any exaggeration, we are all eagerly awaiting your response.

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