Justin @ Danny’s

After work, I putzed around the house a bit and spent an hour or so at Filter, working on an idea for a poem. I didn’t make much progress, and ended up crossing out almost everything I had written down But, I guess it’s that many more bad lines I’ve gotten out of my system, before the final poem comes about. Glass half full and all.

Met up with Will around 9:30, and chatted a bit over coffee. Circa 10 PM, we headed over to Danny’s for a few drinks and to listen to Justin lay down the vinyl.

Surprises of surprises, we met a ton of folks out there. On walking in we saw Matt, who was there with some of his coworkers. Among the folks he knew was Eric, who I had met a while back at Rhythm. Small world or what?

On top of that I got to see Kristen again, as well as Morrison – who I hadn’t seen since Kristen’s birthday party. She even brought a bunch of hula hoops to Danny’s, but got shut down by the staff before I could grab a pic.

All across the bar, there were patches of tape with words written on them. I think there was some kind of art show here a while back, as the entire place was littered with words and phrases. I always have a hard time trying to take shots inside Danny’s (it’s pretty dark), but I got a few here and there.

Everybody is a star!

I liked the pattern up in the corner.

For the most part (given how dark it was), the patterns were what caught my eye.

Mmmmmm. Hot Doug’s.

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