Intermission: Video Clip Available

During the whole process, we had a video camera trained on Anthony. I didn’t record the entire event start to finish, but instead chose to film several quick segments. At the end of the day, after all was said and done, I stayed late at work to muck with the video files.

Let it be stated here and now that I… don’t know what I’m doing, when it comes to video. I was able to use Ben’s computer to get the clips off the video camera… but each individual clip was like 600 – 700 MB each, on average. I ended up exporting out each clip using an MPEG-4 codec. I tried a few other codecs prior to this, but exporting out each clip took an impossibly long time. The MPEG-4 export was the fastest.

I then took all the QuickTime files and stitched them together on my computer. Sadly, the MPEG-4 export was less than ideal, as Anthony’s face gets all messed up in the video (it’s as though I was the director for The Ring).

Long story short, it took me three, four hours to get a video together. All told it’s about 7-8 minutes long, and weighs in at 70MB. Yeah, I know – it’s a freaking monster of a file. Like I said, I don’t know my way around video all that well. The final standalone file was maybe 250MB, and I tried exporting out a few times… 70MB was as small as I could get it.

Sorry for the huge filesize folks. I posted it up in case anyone wants to see it, but I understand that this file is impossibly large.

// Edit ———–
I’ve re-worked the video and it’s much, MUCH smaller.

I posted up a QuickTime version (19 MB). But if you would rather view it on this page, you can load it up below (requires the Flash 8 player).

// Edit: This was posted up before YouTube really took off. Here it is:

Just so you know – the movie is an overview of the event, start to finish. If you’re going to watch the video clip… I’d suggest stopping right here (I talk about the outcome below).

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