The Vending Machine Challenge™, Part 2

Fourteen down (fifteen counting the oatmeal), twenty to go.

Three hours in, Anthony takes another power nap.

At this point, Anthony is telling us about how his heart is racing pretty quickly. The reason for all the naps, we find out, is him trying to rest himself and slow his pulse some. He’s not feeling all that well, and his pace has slowed markedly.

Ben calculates the total calories and sodium Anthony will need to consume, in order to finish the event. I don’t have the numbers at hand, but I believe that so far… Anthony’s consumed about 2500 calories. And likely quadrupled the daily suggested allowance for sodium.

Another power nap. Anthony reports that his fingers are tingling some, and part of his arm has gone numb.

So far, it’s not a matter of being “full.” He doesn’t feel it’s an issue with his sickness, or that he’s eaten too much food. He tells us that he wonders whether his body can really process all the sodium.

Circa 3PM – this is what Anthony has yet to finish. Of the big ticket items, the oatmeal and ramen have been disposed of. The only big thing that remains is the popcorn.

Of everything on the table – it’s the chips that he’s dreading the most.

Around 3:30 PM, Anthony throws in the towel. And to be honest, I doubt many of us would have let him continue, had he insisted on trying to finish. He’s been slowing down since noon, and his body simply couldn’t process all that gunk.

Big thanks to Anthony for sacrificing an entire work day, just to give this bet a go. If any of you out there in blog-land enjoyed watching this event… know that Anthony’s the one responsible for making it happen. Without him stepping up, this would have been a silly idea that was mentioned once and forgotten. But he came in and made it happen.

Was the outcome due, in some small part, to Anthony’s recent illness? Or is this simply an un-winnable bet, along the lines of the “Gallon of Milk” challenge? Is the body simply not able to process that much junk food?

If anyone out there decides to recreate this bet, I’d love to hear about the outcome. If for nothing else than to learn whether or not it’s even doable.

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