Staying in the City

Tonight, I was planning to head out to Barrington to attend the annual Mena Christmas Party. However, I ended up getting a late start, and one thing led to another.

I had dug out my car earlier this morning (buried under a ton of snow), but when I came out again in the evening, there was another inch or so on it. Took me a while to clean things off, and I headed out to pick up Chris and Leslie.

En route, I get lost. It’s stupid and silly, but I did. Traffic was crawling on the interstate, and I ended up taking the wrong exit. I know my way to their place through visual cues mostly (I’m better with images than I am with names/numbers), but somehow got all turned around.

After trying to locate their place (unsuccessfully), I went back home to call them. Here is a point in my life where actually having a cell phone would have been a benefit. I’ve been against having a cell phone for a while now, but situations like this make me wonder if I’m just being a curmudgeon about the whole cell phone thing.

After talking with Chris, we decide that heading out to the suburbs is probably not a good idea. It was way past our planned departure time, and the interstate was crawling when I was on it. So we ended up staying in the city.

Also on the agenda this evening was Will’s party. I walked over there around 10PM or so, and hung out a while with him and his roommates. Lots of interesting discussions, and I met someone named Christina who works as a jeweler on Michigan Ave. Swear to god – she’s got stories that really belong on This American Life.

I ended up calling it an early evening, and was back home by 12:30 AM or so.

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