Huge snowflakes

Late in the morning, someone looked out the window and noticed the incredibly HUGE snowflakes coming down. Granted, it was snowing pretty hard, but I don’t know that I’ve ever really seen snow this big before. This had everyone out of their seats and up against the windows, looking out over downtown Chicago.

I don’t know that these pictures (and video) do the event justice. We were all in a genuine state of child-like wonder, gawking and staring and amazed.

Outside, people were walking by as though it were just another winter day in Chicago, running their errands, moving towards their destinations. I’m happy we were all taken by the event, and broke out of our routines long enough to pause and admire it. The phrase “child-like wonder” really does describe it spot on. I think having that state of mind is a healthy thing and, more than that, is something that keeps us young.

The snow today seemed quite the anomaly, and it was over in a matter of maybe ten or twenty minutes. The entire experience was really pretty magnificent – I wish you could have seen it.

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