Ima IMAC guy

It arrived today.

Overall, this machine is quite fantastic. Easy to use, and very smooth, very slick. The only point where I stumbled was when I tried installing memory. Chris ended up giving me a hand, but it took us a few attempts before getting the memory to register. But that was the only hiccup.

I set up the iMac at work mostly so I could have other Mac folks around, when adding the memory. Also, I wanted to re-import the video we took during the Vending Machine Challenge™. And again, I have to say… this machine is really quite impressive.

I plugged in the camera, and it showed up immediately. No futzing with drivers, no problems having the machine recognize it. I just plugged it in and started importing. No fuss, no muss. I let it run for a while, and now have some high-res video stored on the guy. This will be another side project, for when I’m back home next week.

I really didn’t play around too much with the iMac. Mostly, I set it up and got the video in. I did take a quick looksee, and fiddled with the built-in camera some. As you can see below.

Fun stuff. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty with this machine.

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