Happy Birthday Dad | Happy Birthday Jasmine, Part 2

Today was my dad’s birthday, but we all ended up spending a lot of our time focused on Jasmine again. Today, Shane’s mom Bobbi and his step-dad Dave drove down to wish Jasmine a happy birthday.

Of course, we had dim sum at the restaurant. I swear to you – I spent half of my vacation here.

L to R it’s Auntie Vicky, Auntie Dawn, Jasmine and Uncle Corky.

Another cake! Another candle!

Today, Jasmine was less shy than she was before (it took her a while to get comfortable with the cake yesterday). As you can see, she’s diving right in.

Shane, Jasmine and my dad, the instigator.

A reverse hand-held shot of the cousins. L to R it’s Jordan, Haley and me.

This is just a small sampling of the NUMEROUS cameras that were out in full force this week. It was like a disco party, there were so many flashes. L to R it’s Haley, Jordan, Stacey, Bobbi, Dave and my Auntie Vicky.

It’s a shame I didn’t get a photo of the gift we got my dad. Shane, Stacey and I all chipped in to get him a fancy Fuji 5 megapixel digital camera (one of those thin ones, big screen, slides into the pocket easily). If the rest of my relatives are any indication, I’m sure my dad will be taking pictures a-plenty.

Bobbi and Dave got Jasmine one of the coolest gifts EVER. Look at this sweet ride! It’s got a handle and everything!

I admit, I entertained some brief thoughts about pushing Jasmine off and stealing this bad boy for myself. But… I restrained myself.

I guess this is, like, her birthday or something. And she looks like she’s enjoying it, even though I’d totally have WAY more fun on it than her.

Bobbi and Dave, getting some closeups.

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