New Year’s Eve, Green Eye

Met up with Chelsea, Sarah and Bill for New Year’s. The four of us decided to ring in the new year at Green Eye – a spot many of you might remember from earlier in the month.

Right around midnight, someone came by passing out these little mini-poppers.

That’s right. Alcohol + mini-poppers = good idea.

I believe we were talking about racoons at this point in the evening. Here, Sarah is showing Bill why racoons are known as “Nature’s Bandit.”

Bill, removing a few drinks from the table…

L to R it’s Sarah, Chelsea and me.

L to R it’s Chelsea, Chad and Sarahl.

Every once in a while, when I’m out and about, I get my hair braided. Or done up in some manner. A certain sequence of events need to take place, before this hair transformation occurs. Usually, I need to be drunk. And usually, someone else (typically female) is also drunk. This is not a new thing, as it’s been documented once or twice before.

Surprisingly, none of the female patrons seemed to find this as attractive as I did…

The Chelster.

After Last Call (I think we stayed until Last call), the four of us hopped a cab over to Riptide – a bar I haven’t been to since… ohhhh, Kent’s Bachelor Party. And I discovered the existence of a back room that I never even knew about. The front of the bar was jam packed, but there were at least three or four open tables/booths in back, tucked away.

I had a good deal too much to drink, as I didn’t feel all that great when I said my goodbyes. I ended up stumbling home circa 4 AM, my stomach full of scotch, my hair full of cigarette smoke, and my body ready for bed.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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