Wasabi Peas and Magic Tricks

A few days ago, I posted a video that showed a magic trick that Bryan had taught everyone. Well, all of us have been sort of practicing it, off and on, since then.

Lately, it’s become this thing where Jane and I have tried to make silly bets as to whether or not one of us can do the trick, on the first attempt.

The latest bet? Do the disappearing coin trick, but using a wasabi pea. The stakes? An old wasabi pea that had fallen on the ground under Jane’s desk (but no one knows how long it’s been down there). If you fail the trick, you eat the wasabi pea that’s on the floor; if you succeed, Jane eats the wasabi pea.

I didn’t end up taking Jane up on her bet. But Chris did, gambling man that he is. As you may recall, Chris is not one to shy away from a friendly wager.

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