A Unique Chance to Win the Stein

When we first moved back into the office Chris and I came across this small bouncy ball designed like a mini soccer ball. We bounced it off of desks/shelves, and that lasted maybe a week and we forgot all about it.

Today, out of nowhere, the ball started making the rounds again. And next thing you know, the Lord and Master Stein™ came into play.

Chris offered up the Stein, and said that if I could sink the bouncy ball while sitting at my desk – it’d be mine. Not one to turn down such an offer (even if it is a longshot), I took him up on it.

A sidenote: back in my undergraduate days, my old roommates and I used to spend an embarassing amount of time throwing beer bottle caps into things. I’m not sure where that came from, but we did it. And oftentimes, we were sober too!

There was one game in particular where we had a tiki glass sitting on the fireplace mantle. We had taped a line onto the carpet that was maybe a couch away from the mantle – and took turns trying to sink bottlecaps. We spent a lot of time doing that. I mean… a LOT of time.

So I had high hopes on snatching the Stein from Chris.

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