After work, Justin and I headed over to Rainbo for a few drinks. Spotted this silhouette spray-painted on a gate, along Division.

As we continued down Division, I started seeing more and more of these guys. It got me thinking about street art and vandalism. I’ve taken a lot of photos of the street art I come across, but every once in a while… the line between artistic expression and destruction of property gets blurry for me.

Stickers seem ok, as they can be removed. And mostly, I see those on poles and whatnot. Stencils and actual paint? I mean, writing on the street or sidewalk is one thing… writing on someone’s house? I dunno.

In a really hypocritical way, I think my outrage is determined on how much I like or dislike the particular thing I’m looking at. Viewing this silhouette, I really liked it. Were it somebody who had tagged it with “Gustav was here, bitches,” I’d likely react more negatively. But still… this is someone’s gate.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

Really, since I was a teenager who performed outright acts of vandalism (with no artistic intention whatsoever), I’m really not the one to talk.

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