Not once! Not twice! But Thrice!

Well, I’m happy. No, proud. Proud to report that yours truly (thank you, thank you) was the first person to officially sink the rubber bouncy ball into the Lord and Master Stein™. I threw it straight in, as per the original terms of the bet.

Sadly, there was nothing at stake – so all I got was bragging rights, and the fame of being first. There was a pretty big uproar in the office though, when it happened.

Once I made it in, we decided that from here on out… it would cost money to play. Five attempts for twenty-five cents. To play, you drop a quarter into the Lord and Master Stein™; if you miss all five, you lose your quarter. The person who can throw the ball into the stein (without it bouncing back out), gets to keep any money already inside.

Next thing I knew, my coworkers were throwing quarters at me, just for me sinking the shot. It was pretty funny. I have never, before today, had people shower me with money because they were so awestruck by my skills. Felt pretty good.

Yeah, yeah. I realize they were just throwing change. Don’t try to cheapen this moment.

And you know what the craziest thing was? Soon after I succesfully sank the ball, Chris did the same thing. And then later on Ben did as well. Uncanny. We figured it must have been some weird mental thing – once we saw it was possible, everyone started to do it.

Secretly, I think it’s because Chris, Ben and I all share a competitive streak; they couldn’t let me hog the moment, and had to prove they could sink the shot as well.

More than anyone else who reads this, my old college roommates from IU will appreciate this, if they ever stumble across this page. Jim, Ben, Jensen, Chris – all that practice finally paid off! LOL.

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