A year-long error and more OOP woes

Today, my workday got interrupted because of an error Mike stumbled across in one of the apps we built. This thing was something I had a hand in creating, over a year ago, and we were all pretty stumped. As far as we knew, the app had run without any issues for close to a year, and this was the first significant error to arise.

As it turns out? One of the preloaders was messed up. It was a stupid error, and something I was responsible for (basically, one of the preloaders targeted the wrong array). It was a strange confluence of events that allowed this error to go undetected for so long.

An easy fix, but an embarassing one. Up until today, I had been proud that I created this file that sat, untouched, and worked just fine for over a year. Now? It’s sort of like realizing you’ve had your fly open for twelve months, but that whole time nobody had bothered to look down.

To top things off, I’ve hit a bit of a wall with an iTunes project I’m working on. I’m struggling a bit with creating classes, working with the prototype chain, and generally making things a bit more OOP-friendly. Right now, it feels like I’ve got this marathon to run, but my feet are glued to the ground. Somebody has some studying to do this weekend.

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