iChat Video

Got a call from Will tonight, and he told me he just purchased a new iMac. He’s got one of the fancier Intel-based Macs, and he was excited to try out the new video feature that comes with the new machines.

I’ve got the same thing, but so far all I’ve done is take a few silly photos. Tonight was the first time Will and I tried out the built-in video.

And what fun! It’s totally weird using this thing, but I like it! Chris and Jane have iMacs at work, but none of them have the built-in camera. I’m wondering what it would be like to talk with two other people at once… three? I think it’d be neat to try to have a multi-person conference with this thing, but so far the only other person I know with video chat is Will.

What a great device. If I ever work from home again, doing video conferencing makes SO much more sense and would save a ridiculous amount of time (as opposed to just using text IMs).

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