Air Hockey Competition

Last year, there was a big office-wide air hockey competition. Hopefuls from across all departments (Sales, Programming, Marketing/Promotion and even the airstaff) threw in and threw down. This year, now that we have another station on board… there are more players reaching for that rainbow.

Ever since the renovation, the air hockey table has been moved out of the green room and left at the end of the hallway. There’s a bracket out there somewhere, that pairs up opponents; it’s up to both parties to find a convenient time, and do a best-of-three game.
Renee versus Mike (and Mike ended up winning). What’s interesting about this one is that, if Kashif wins his next game… he and Mike will have to play each other.

Jim versus Ben. In the end, Jim won out (he was one of the finalists from last year).

The final match should be a blast to watch. I’m going to try to film it, as last year’s was pretty hysterical. Ned (one of the sound guys for Q101) ended up making this great audio intro for Cliff, who walked in with sunglasses and a hoodie, all pro-boxer like. It’s a silly, over-the-top event. Should be fun.

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