Window Washer

I don’t know what it is, but I’m just fascinated by the window washers who dangle from a rope to clean the windows. I take pictures everytime I see them while walking around downtown.

I first saw the solo window washer guy (as opposed to the ones who work in pairs on a ledge) when I first started this job. The photograph I had envisioned in my head was that of Rey, sitting at his desk… and this spiderman-like window washer, hanging in the frame of the window behind him. For some reason, I always wanted to capture that shot, those juxtapositions.

Today, when I saw the ropes and saw the guy working outside our window… I stopped what I was doing and grabbed my camera. Got a few shots from a distance, some video… and then got my nerve up to take a close-up shot. My fear was that, somehow, I’d surprise him and make him lose his grip or something, sending him tumbling to his death.

Watching him work, it was pretty amazing how fast and accurately he worked. I guess you get good at it with time, but I’d be constantly thinking about the drop, about all the empty space between me and the earth.

I’ve said this before – it’s not as though I don’t trust the safety features, or that I don’t trust the rope, or the harness, or the sheer physics of what keeps him from falling. No… it’s that I trust gravity more.

I got close-up for this one (I was trying to get him to wave). Only later did I realize I also captured myself in the photo. Neat. :)

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