Monastic DJ @ Clubfoot

Post gallery, the five of us headed over to a nearby Subway for a late dinner. While there, we were listening to some weird hip-hop station that played a remix of the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song.

Of course, the conversation soon turned to our two Peanut Butter Jelly Days we’ve had at work (Version 1 and Version 2).

After grabbing some grub, we went back to the neighborhood and hung out at Anne and Michelle’s for a bit. We had a quick drink and watched a bit of Family Guy (online). Soon after, we headed over to Clubfoot where Justin was making his debut under his new moniker – Monastic DJ.

Justin, in the DJ booth.

Quick shot of the library.

Taking a break.

Hanging out at the front of the bar. L to R it’s Ben, Michelle, Anne and Chelsea. The girls all seemed to get along rather well, which was actually really cool to see. It’s always great when friends hit it off with other friends.

Justin, hard at work.

Bryan stopped in, with a few of his buddies.

Quick shot before I took off for the night. L to R it’s Howard, his friend (whose name escapes me), and Michelle.

I also saw Dave tonight, as well as Thaddeus. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen Thaddeus (it might have been as far back as my undergraduate days in Bloomington), but we got into some pretty neat conversations. He pops into town every so often, so maybe next time I’ll get a few more pics.

Lots of fun tonight. Lots of art. Lots of drinks. Lots of friends.

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