Amazingly, some candles were still going in the morning (and hadn’t burned down all that much).

The lounge area quickly turned into the pass-out area.

Cold pizza and Johnny Walker. Lovely.

A quick shot of the rather odd carpet decoration. Going one way, the words “Never Hurt” were spelled out.

Outside, HOB.

Craig, who stayed over and saved my ass by helping me clear out the room. I had a ton of gifts to carry with me, along with leftover booze and a crapton of candles. He helped me pack everything up and drag it all out to his car.

Shortly after this pic, we grabbed some breakfast nearby. Over some eggs and coffee, we chatted a bit more about our jobs, our lives, our cities. While I did get a chance to talk with Craig last night – I was also going around talking to everyone else as well. I’m glad he was able to hang out some this morning, as we got to get (properly) caught up.

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