Hung out with Liz tonight, and we were in her neck of the woods (Wrigleyville). Actually, I was showing up to meet her and her friends for some mural thing (I think a friend of hers to be on-site at a bar, painting a mural live). Well, on showing up… Liz and I discovered that the thing had been cancelled.

So, just the two of us, we headed a few blocks over to Guthries. And I have to say… after getting a quick glance at some of the bars on Clark, near the stadium… I was a bit apprehensive. But! Guthries turned out to be pretty awesome, and someplace I can see myself going back to, frequently.

The view from our table. Near the bathroom, there’s a huge wall of games – and not just the crappy ones either. Several copies of Scrabble, Yahtzee, Battleship. And, for the more adventurous, a copy of Risk (in the event you decided to stay in one spot for seven or eight hours).

View of the ceiling. There seemed to be lots of artwork up here, all through the bar. In the front half of the, there was the bar proper (along with several booths). In the back half, there was a general sitting area (where we were), and a walled garden area that allowed for outdoor seating.

Really a cozy place, and incredibly inviting. The lighting was soft and mellow, the music wasn’t overly loud to the point where you had to yell to be heard.

Really, the shot (above) of the wall of games does the best job of representing a feel for this place. I’m reminded of basements, of playing games at friends’ houses, and of my friend Aaron’s house in particular – he had a similar wall of games. This bar evokes a good feeling, sort of like combining nostalgia with a sense of leisure.

Though I won the last game, I totally got stomped.

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