Vodka Yahtzee!

I was over at Liz’s tonight, as we had plans to clean out a lot of her storage items in her basement. She’s planning on moving out in about a month plus, and has been slowly going through a lot of her stuff, preparing for the move. To help make the cleaning process more fun, we decided we’d play Yahtzee during our breaks, in between the cleaning.

And while I’m sure we’re not the first people to come up with the idea of making Yahtzee into a drinking game… it’s still worth mentioning that it’s a great idea. For earlier instances of such brilliant game/booze combos, see Single Shot Texas Holdem and Texas Holdem: Tequila Rules.

The terms of the game, which I’m now going to dub “Vodka Yahtzee,” are pretty straight-forward. Five games total, loser does a shot after each game. And to be honest, I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. The last time we played Yahtzee, I didn’t do so well. In my head, I was doing a worst case scenario, and imagined me having to down five consecutive shots of vodka. Oy.

Combining Yahtzee and vodka: we took something good, and surrounded it with something wonderful. Like a raisin covered in choclate, or a monkey in a cowboy suit… that something good just got better.

Before we started cleaning, we decided to play our first game. Check out this awesome box! Liz’s copy of the game is a total old school version, and I was in awe of it – snapping pictures left and right.


These cups rock!

First game – I win, and Liz does her shot.

We decide that a second game is in order, and I end up getting my ass HANDED to me. Liz got something like a 270 to my 146 (and this may have been her highest score to date). Ouch.

Me and my first shot.

Riding high off her victory, we decide to play a third game. At this point, no cleaning has taken place. We haven’t even made it down to the basement once. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

I end up winning the third game, and Liz pours her second drink.

In an astounding turn of events (compared to last time), I’m doing remarkably well! Liz and her third shot.

Shot four (although techincally it was only a half a shot, as that was all the vodka that was left).

By this time, it’s close to midnight and the basement remains… untouched. We decided to tackle the basement another time, and called it an evening.

Earlier in the day, when we were discussing the Vodka Yahtzee game, we both agreed to not do any research as to Yahtzee strategy. No web sites, no consulting friends who are good at the game (hi Juliet). While I expect Liz and I will play this game again, I’m betting we’ll lift the “no strategy research” rule. Should be interesting…

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