Late Picnic, Lincoln Park

To help Liz celebrate getting a new apartment today (she’s moving to Ukranian Village, and getting an apartment with her friend Lisa), we decided to pack a picnic and head over to Lincoln Park.

Everybody’s celebrating.

As we got into the park, the light was already dimming somewhat. I liked how things looked, right at dusk.

Especially these guys.

I picked up some Brie from Holly at Artisan, along with some crackers. Liz brought along couscous with green peas, and a bottle of wine. Even though it got a bit chilly, this was a great evening. We stayed until well after dark, watching the sky go black and the city lights take over.

This is a blurry pic of the Chicago skyline. All night, I kept thinking of the second Ultra Crib promotion… and hanging out with Stu as he worked on creating a time-lapse of the city lights.

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