I’ve been running around all day today. Worked from home, then jaunted out to run last-minute errands, then worked some more until about 8:30 PM. At that time, Liz came over to my place after her shift at C&B, and helped me clean up my apartment.

After working not one, but TWO jobs… she came over to help me. And she brought beer. How lucky am I? :)

I did most of my packing tonight, and it’s still not quite sinking in that I’m heading to Mexico in a little over 36 hours. Can’t wait to get on that plane – partly because it’s going to be a fun trip, and partly because I want to be done with all the pre-trip stress. Lots happening this week, right before we take off.

But come Friday morning… it’s back to Aventura Spa Palace. Woot!

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