Tonight, I ended up riding as a passenger, on the back of Liz’s scooter. I found myself pretty anxious for the first few trips, and after talking things through… I think I figured out why.

Mostly, I think it’s a control issue. I respond poorly to being told what to do, or to having someone do things for me. As a passenger, I had to relinquish a lot of control – which made me uneasy.

That said – it was pretty fun, having Liz drive. She’s had a scooter forever, and her Vespa really has a ton of kick, once it starts off. I think we were hitting 40 or so, in some spots downtown. I know that’s not all too fast, but from where I was… it seemed like it.

Riding on a Vespa (and one that she had souped up a bit, too), was unlike anything else I’ve experienced. There’s really a definite difference. No wonder Liz loves riding that thing everywhere…

On our way home, she noticed she was running a bit low on gas. Not a few moments after the pump started, she was all done and the tank was full. When I looked up at the amount… my jaw dropped. I’m amazed at how little gas this thing needs.

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