A Joke That was One Year, Five Months and 28 days in the making…

First, some background information. Let me take you back to October 27, 2004.

Ben was working from home, and he had sent out a group email indicating certain materials he needed from some of the folks in the office.

And me? Well, not being one to take directions very well… I responded in the only way I knew how to respond: the childish stuffing of my face with foodstuffs.

Fast-forward to today. I took the day off today, and spent most of it tinkering around on the computer. At about 6PM, I see an IM window pop up, from Ben. The only thing there? A link. To a QuickTime movie.

Check out this fantastic movie
. And yes, that would be my desk/computer that Ben is defiling.

I started laughing from the moment I opened this movie. LOL!

Ben! You magnificent bastard! I salute you!

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