Rotofugi: Customized Toy Exhibit

Exterior, Rotofugi.
Bryan, hanging out in front of the store. The entire time we were there, the inside was pretty packed. And on top of that, folks spilled out onto the sidewalk and pretty much took over a small area in front of the place.

Mural, interior.


On my way in, I snapped a few photos of the various items that are on sale normally.

As I understand it – a lot of the toys are physically the same, underneath – and the variations ensue as a result of a particular artist/designer who then paints/colors it.


Interior shot of the store/crowd.

The exhibit – set up along the back wall. In a few months, we found out that Bryan will be having his own show here – so this entire wall will be covered with all of his work.

Bryan’s creation, which continues the Kamikaze theme he was exploring earlier.

Snapped a few other shots, to give you a sense of what was on display.

I’d love to see what this one looks like, with the hat on.

Boba Fett!

I quite like the colors on this one.

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