Chitty Chat with the iChat

Today marks the first half-day Friday at work. Since our group has grown in size, we’re now doing this thing in shifts. Each person gets a half-day Friday, every other week. But, since we always need to have someone at the office manning the phones, we’re on a rotation system.

Each Friday, if you’re working a half-day, you can do so from home. Otherwise, you’re in the office working a full shift. Each Friday we have to ensure that there’s always at least one programmer/DB guy, one designer, and one person who can work with Flash.

Today, I have my half-day and am working from home. Since Bryan recently got a new iMac… we decided to try out the video conferencing features. So far, I’ve only had one successful video chat – and that was back in January.

First, Bryan and I get the video going. Jane stops by to check out the progress.

A bit later, we’re able to bring Justin in, and have all three of us in video mode. Pretty cool!

The novelty wears off after a bit, but it’s fun nonetheless. It’s like a little nerd party, right on my computer!

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