Lunch with Liz

Liz and I were talking on IM today, and she brought up the idea of having lunch together. The last time we went out during the workweek was back in April – so it’s definitely been a while. And while I usually balk at doing things spur-of-the-moment, I’m really glad we went today.

Liz knew of a spot right next to the Art Institute. Literally – it’s on the southern side of the building, by the main entrance. We phoned in an order to a nearby Corner Bakery, picked up our food and found a nice spot by the fountain.

View of the fountain, from where I was seated.

Looking around, directly to the left of us.

Liz, putting up with my random snapshots.

This woman behind Liz kept catching my eye. I really liked how she was sitting, and though it seems remarkably uncomfortable… I get the sense that she is, in fact, quite comfortable.

Random seagull. I learned today that it’s illegal to feed the pigeons, here in Chicago. And that I can technically be fined for it? I need to look this up.

After lunch, I decided to make a paper boat.

If I had to name it? I’d probably name it the “S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, And The Incredible Hulk Put Together.”

After the fact, we decide that we should make a little note out of the extra paper. One message came to mind.

Another view from where we were sitting. There were a fair number of people when we arrived – but the area wasn’t really crowded at all. And, by the time we finished up (we arrived here at about 1:30), there weren’t many people at all. This is definitely a great spot, and I’m amazed more people don’t come here to hang out, during lunch.


As we were leaving, I looked over to find our boat half-submerged. Dang.

View of the larger fountain, near the side of the building.

Detail view. As we were standing here, more folks came up to snap photos of the figures.

A boy and his fish.

Wonderful lunch today. I had a blast, and it felt good to get out of the office for a little bit. Ah Chicago, ah Summer.

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