Here goes…

To: melovescookies
From: Felix
Subj: Doppleganger?

Hello –

My friend Ben stumbled across one of your photos a few days ago, and noticed that I look remarkably like a friend of yours. Ko is it?

I’m not sure if he’s in Chicago or not, but I know I’ve had several people mistake me for someone else, or talk to me as though I were someone else. And each time it happens, I keep wondering – can there be THAT many long-haired asian guys with facial hair in Chicago?

Apparently, there are at least two.

Ben also mentioned that your friend Ko might be leaving town soon (possibly this weekend). If that’s the case, and it’s not too weird to be asked this by a complete stranger – do you think he would have any interest in meeting up for a drink and/or photo op?

I think Ben has already sent links along to you, but just in case… you can view some photos of me here:

I realize this is a bit strange, but I feel almost obligated to try and get a photo with your friend Ko. And while I’m not the superstitious type, I’m just a little curious as to whether or not we’d cancel each other out, if we shook hands – if dopplegänger lore holds true. :)

If you and Ko are interested, I’m in Bucktown/Wicker Park. I’m also happy to travel wherever to meet up, if that’s more convenient.


PS: This is by far one of the strangest first emails I’ve ever written to someone.


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