Alex, Linda and Johanna Visit

Alex and Linda are in town this evening, stopping in Chicago en route to a wedding in Bloomington. Justin and Dave are also travelling to Bloomington, and tonight’s stopover allowed many of us to meet Johanna for the very first time.

After work, I made my way over to the Chicago Diner, a vegetarian diner on Halsted that’s not too far from where Liz used to live.

We had a table out in back, in the patio area. A really nice spot, albeit just a tad cramped whenever someone needed to walk by.

The Galts: Alex, Johanna and Linda – taking time off from their own Vegetarian shop.

Too cute! The whole night, I got a lot of attention from Johanna – my guess is that my big mass of black hair was what fascinated her.

Justin and Dave join up, and we all gush over Johanna some more.

To complete the guestlist, Gretchen and Rob join us. And, throughout the meal, everyone wants a turn to hold Johanna.

I think, in this instance, Gretchen had spotted another baby nearby, and was mirroring that baby’s excitement. There were a ton of babies in the back area, now that I think back on it.

Rob, with Johanna sort of shmushing her face into his shoulder.

Dave, with a little guidance from Alex.

In addition to seeing Johanna for the first time, I was able to catch up some with Gretchen and Rob and Dave. I found out Gretchen and Rob might be relocating to Logan Square; I learned that Dave is soon to complete his long-anticipated album, and submitting the final lyrics in the next day or two.

In addition to Dave’s album – there was talk of a listening party at his place. I’m totally excited, as the few tracks I’ve heard I’ve really liked. I’m looking forward to him playing Schuba’s again, as this time I’ll actually have a camera to document the show.

Good to see everyone again, after such a long hiatus. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on here, but I met Justin, Dave and Alex many years ago, in college. I was a Sophomore and they were all Freshmen when we met (Justin, Alex and I were all in the same poetry class together). So we all go way back.

If you haven’t seen the photos yet, check out one of my favorite days: Alex and Linda’s wedding day.

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