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Today is another half-day Friday, where some of us get to work from home (we alternate weeks, so that there’s always a set number of folks in the office, in case of emergencies).

This morning is a bit unique though, as Chris and I have plans to talk about games.

We’re working on making a game for Fox’s Prison Break, as part of a multi-station promotion. So technically, even though we’re going to be going through a lot of Chris’ games… this is all research. Oh, the things we do for our job.

I also borrowed Chris’ copy of Joystick Nation, as I wanted to re-read some of the chapters (Jane currently has my copy).

Going old school, checking out some games with a top-down perspective.

Chris’ setup – tons of consoles, and tons of games.

One of the ideas we have for the game involves guards with flashlights, and having the main characters in the game avoid detection. We looked at Sly Cooper as a model, in terms of how the guards run set patterns, and how the objective is to maneuver around them.

Despite how it looks, we actually did talk a good while (after playing some games). We mapped out some key elements, and talked at length about what we felt constituted a good game (looks, playability, controls).

Fun, fun morning. I’ve been wanting to do something game-related for work for some time now, and this iis a great opportunity. It’s going to be neat working with Chris and Bryan on this thing, in the coming weeks.

And of course, what half-day Friday is complete without a trip over to Hot Doug’s?

The Elvis (Polish Sausage) and the Game of the Week (Cheddar and Bacon Elk Sausage with Guinness Stout Mustard and Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese). Like a little slice of heaven. Well… in uh, sausage form.

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