Liz’s Car: Backstory

About a week or so ago, Liz’s car was stolen. It just sort of happened out of the blue, and both of us took the news rather numbly. The car theft occurred at the tail end of a series of bad events. And we were both sort of like “wow, that sucks” and that’s about the sum of our reactions.

I don’t know that it ever really sank in, for me. We adjusted by me picking up the slack with my car (getting groceries, transporting loads of laundry). Liz was in the middle of a number of things (preparing for the end of her class, debating taking a hiatus from her second job, getting ready for her trip to Hawaii) and there wasn’t much else that she could do, other than hope for it to turn up somewhere.

I’m not sure why I didn’t mention it on here. It seemed a little personal – and it also never fully sunk in for me. I just don’t know if it really ever registered that her car was actually stolen – it felt (however weird this may sound) more like it was just missing.

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