Dave Fischoff Dot Com: Meeting and Planning

Met up with Dave and Justin at Happy Village, for some prelimiinary discussions on his website.

So far, Justin and I will be working together, along with a designer friend named Emme (who I think is in Australia). Should be a fun collaborative project, and I can’t wait to start building.

We hit a good number of areas, and got the basics down. The album goes public in September, but goes out to Reviewers in mid-August… so we’re looking to have a preliminary site up by then, with an eye towards a more fully-featured site in the weeks to follow.

Too often, I spent my hours working on stuff for… well, work. Promoting stuff, trying to sell things to people. I think I’ve gotten fairly good at it, and to date I can kick out stuff like XML-based photo galleries, mp3 players, video players all fairly quickly. To now have a chance to apply my skills for a friend’s benefit – I can’t tell you how excited I am, how good this feels. Looking forward to it.

Most importantly tonight, I got a copy of the new album, The Crawl. Ahhhhh yeah!

If you’re curious for a sneak listen, check out Dave on MySpace.

Liz was hanging out with us tonight, and we also chatted with a lot of folks coming in/out. Towards midnight, she and I slipped out to grab a quick bite at Pizza Metro – a place I’ve ordered from frequently, but have never actually, physically gone to, until now.

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