Diversey Rock’n Bowl

Left work at work today, because Liz and I had scheduled a date night. Went out to dinner, ran a quick errand, and then made our way over to Diversey Rock’n Bowl for a few rounds of bowling action fun.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. And though I’ve bowled here since the infamous Q101 Christmas Party Incident, tonight marks my return to actually placing wagers on the outcome of my bowling skills.

Over dinner, Liz and I discussed a few wagers on our games of bowling, and came up with two bets. For the first game, shoes vs. cheesecake. If she won, I have to buy new shoes (we talked about how I’ve been slogging around in the same pair for too long now, and how they’re old-mannish); if I won, she had to make a cheesecake for me.

For the second game, the stakes got a little higher: scooter vs. dinner. If she won, I had to take us both out for a fancy dinner on two occasions of her choosing (fancy dinner meaning we’d both get dressed up); if I won, I got to use her scooter for a week.

Didn’t take too many photos inside – but the few we have are a bit blurry. Here’s Liz, serving it up.

And… me. Hm. I didn’t notice this until just now: given my pose, it looks like I’m wagging my finger at the pins.

Returning the shoes. :D

All in all, I think my bad luck of bowling bets has come to an end. I won both bets, despite not breaking 100 until our third game (which we played w/out betting).

Sweeet. I know it’s ridiculous, but in my mind I see myself riding around on the Vespa, stuffing big pieces of cheesecake into my face.

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