Halfway to Hobo

My friend Steph, who is an incredibly talented writer, has been workign on a book about trainhopping for a little while now. And I found out a few days ago that her site (halfwaytohobo.com) is now up and running.

There, you’ll find a few neat snippets from some of her interviews. And I know she’s always on the lookout for more, so if you’ve got a trainhopping story and want to share it – by all means, swing on by and drop her a line. I’m looking forward to reading more, as the brief bits I’ve seen leave me wanting to read more.

I should note too that the site was created by Step’s wife, Liz, who’s never really worked with HTML before (I remember my first site, and it was nowhere near as good as this). Also, the photos are by Matt Hollis, to boot. Kind of cool too, that the site itself is a collaboration between folks.

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