Matt’s Bag-O-Money Challenge 4

Time for another coin guessing game! This one’s from Matt again, who brought in a big pillowsack full of change.

I’m not sure how he accumulates so much change, so quickly. I’m convinced that every day, after work, he buys a Slim Jim or something, just so he can get change. He seems to be building these stockpiles faster than the rest of us.

So far, we’ve done this little game 8 times now. I can’t believe the first time we did this was almost two years ago. Yikes!

To date, here are all the prior coin-guessing attempts:

1) The first ever coin-guessing game.
2) Matt’s Bag-O-Money Challenge
3) Justin’s Quarterless Bag of Money
4) Mike’s Water Cooler Jug
5) Matt’s Bog-O-Money Challenge 2
6) A Smiley-Face Full of Coins
7) The Felix Variation
8) Matt’s Bag-O-Money Challenge 3

For the record, when Matt brought this down to the bank… he had it weighed, and it came out to about 25 pounds.

A wide range of guesses: under $100, over $250.

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