Portraits: Ben

This requires some backstory. A week or two back, when we were all pulling some late nights, Ben decided to start doing portraits of people in the office.

This typically happened either late at night (when everyone was gone), or right at the end of the day (before we started off the evening working). He first did Bryan’s portrait, then Jane’s – and then Rey’s. At the time there were these large cardboard boxes out in the hallway, so he just grabbed one and started working.

Last night, Allison decided that Ben needed a portrait of his own – and took it upon herself to do his. This morning, on arriving, I saw this great piece sitting on Ben’s chair.

This would make more sense had I posted the prior portraits… but those images are all tucked away in backlogged folders, for days I have to go back and update. So – the timing is a little off, but at least now you know the story.

I also decided to set up my camera on the windowsill, to see if I could catch Ben’s reaction as he walked in.

Ben, posing with himself. The meat on his t-shirt may make sense to some of you (it’s a Threadless design), but the turkey leg… is from our trip to the Indiana State Fair. Also another thing I have yet to update on here. Check out Ben’s Flickr pages for some more background (and for some great photos).

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